Desk step one screens might build of your attempt while the attributes off sexual introduction

Desk step one screens might build of your attempt while the attributes off sexual introduction

Depending on the expectations of your quantitative research, inferential analytics (Pearson’s chi-rectangular make sure separate-examples T attempt) and multivariate analysis (digital logistic regression) was in fact applied. The details was in fact examined towards SPSS 19 system.

In the context of this new inferential data, we tested about what the quantity there can be a link between discussing subjects towards the SRH layouts from the FOO together with many years at the which young people acquired its basic information regarding sex, similarly, and you may an excellent sexual debut, on the other.

A composite varying regarding healthy sexual debut is based one in it this new simultaneous satisfaction of the adopting the about three conditions: age 17 otherwise more mature, usage of an effective condom as the safeguards from the FSI, and being from inside the two dating for more than 1 month.


To analyze initial factors that dictate the context in which teenagers start its sexual life, around three logistic regression patterns was in fact invented: you to for your decide to try, one to for males, plus one for females. The newest digital mainly based changeable is portrayed of the sorts of sexual first, in which a property value step 1 setting a wholesome sexual debut and you can 0 means a leading-risk sexual first with respect to SRH.

Explanatory variables was indeed joined for the regression model for your sample: gender, years, age range at the time of getting its basic information about sex, and you can any kind from sex training about FOO. Mathematical analyses was indeed did into a couple of a long time: 18–22 many years and 23–3 decades. The 18–23 a long time scratching the culmination from school studies, brand new check for a stable business while the development of closeness and you may a few relationship, while the 24–35 age bracket prioritizes an investment from inside the career and the basis regarding a family group/a constant connection, possibly along with childbirth and rearing.

About your qualitative study, thematic investigation was utilized, following fundamental thematic products as part of the interviews publication. Following the qualitative research of your research, we picked answers who does increase the amount of studies and facts out-of the fresh objectives of one’s qualitative lookup.

Descriptive data results

Out of total number of participants throughout the research, over 1 / 2 of was indeed feminine as well as committed of your questionnaire was old between 23 and you may thirty years. More about three-home of the young people in the test become the sexual life from the period of 17 and at enough time away from the fresh new onset of sexual lifetime got continuing a relationship stretched than 1 month. From the very first sexual intercourse, 65% of teenagers utilized the condom. Over fifty percent of participants received the initial factual statements about sexuality after they was basically several–fourteen yrs old.

Desk dos gift ideas the fresh shipment of users, irrespective of gender, with regards to the head information regarding SRH discussed that have parents. The essential talked about subject areas throughout the members of the family were, within the decreasing order, discussions regarding the maternity cures, menstruation/ FSE and you may STIs. The new faster contacted sufferers regarding discussions through its parents have been abstinence ahead of relationships (16.8%) and you can abortion (24%). More than half of the participants discussed intensively at least one regarding the fresh eight investigated information (56.4%) and lower than 10% chatted about detail by detail dГјnyanД±n en gГјzel Guadalajaran kД±zlarД± on all of the seven information.

About your ladder where subjects associated with SRH was in fact very are not contacted regarding members of the family, the first set belonged on discussions on menstruation (58%) in women and you will sexually sent infection (28.5%) in men. Talks intent on the prevention of pregnancies ( and twenty seven.5% in females and you will men, respectively) was available in 2nd location for each gender. Discussions precisely how maternity happen (43.3 and 18.2% in women and you can guys, respectively) had been inside third place (Fig. 1).